Useful, healthy and valuable groats

Groats are a very healthy, valuable, nutritious and easily digestible product. They are made of shelled, whole or kibbled even sometimes polished grain and other similar seeds that are called groats cultures (millet, buckwheat, rice, corns, barley, oat, wheat, peas, lentils).


There are two stages of producing groats:

  • The removal of grain additives;
  • The removal of inedible seed-coats.

Also, grain can be polished. It’s the process when the grain is gently rasped by using rollers or discs. Or they are polished by rubbing down the top layers of a grain, germs. Grain has to be chopped to a certain size when some of the groats have to be made.

Probably there are not many families that can manage without groats. After all, you can make of groats not only porridge but also an excellent garnish, salad, pancakes or even crumbles.

The beneficial properties of groats are known even for those who do not propagate healthy nutrition. Groats are the source of carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed; this source gives us energy and we’re feeling full until dinner. Therefore, dieticians suggest eating groats for breakfasts.

Buckwheat is the most beneficial groats and it’s the leader of all groats according to the amount of easily absorbed proteins. Buckwheat does not cause allergy and it’s low-cal. These groats contain a lot of minerals especially magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. In the second place – pearl groats. According to the specialists, pearl groats porridge is one of the healthiest porridges because it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. There are three times more fibre in these groats than in wheat. Pearl groats perfectly fit for soups or you can eat them with vegetables, therefore, the second dishes can be made of them. If you don’t like pearl groats, vary your breakfasts ration with barley groats porridges. Barley groats contain a lot of carbohydrates, selenium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus.

Scientific researches have proven that if you eat groats, your intestine activity and general well-being of organism is improved; if you eat whole grain groats regularly, the chance of becoming ill with obesity, heart and vascular diseases or sugar diabetes decreases.