Packages of your chosen design for our products

Products made by us can be packed into packages of your chosen design or labels of chosen design can be stuck on them. Promotional packages with your chosen image or logo will definitely draw potential clients’ attention.

BIORINA not only takes care of the high quality of products but also practical and aesthetically attractive packages for the products.

Promotional packages and labels for products is an excellent way to increase the volumes of sales and inform about your producs the target audience. After all, packages are the first thing noticed by consumers who are walking around supermarkets.

All BIORINA products can be packed into a promotional package chosen by the client. You can choose simple bags, boxes with a bag inside, bags with solid bottom or bags with a re-sealing option.

Possible weight of promotional packages:

  • 10 kg each;
  • 25 kg each;
  • 50 kg each;
  • 1000 kg each;
  • From 500 g to 1000 g.

If you are interested in promotional packages or labels on our products or you have questions or want additional information, contact us via phone +370 683 85 009 or email .