Buckwheat hulls

Buckwheat hulls left after the processing buckwheat is not waste. It is an excellent organic mulch that would be useful for your kitchen-garden or garden because it will:

  • Notably, reduce the spread of weeds;
  • Preserve humidity in the soil;
  • Protect the roots of plants from cold during winter;
  • Create conditions for better penetration of oxygen into the soil and its ventilation;
  • Become a natural fertilizer;
  • Create an aesthetical look of the environment.

BIORINA buckwheat hulls mulch is an ideal help when you fight with weeds. Gardeners know that when you leave an empty space in the soil, soon something begins to grow in it. It is worth to mulch the spaces between plants that you wouldn’t need to weed them so often. In such a way you will protect not only yourselves from additional troubles but also the soil will be improved. Buckwheat hulls on the surface of the soil gradually decompose and become a natural fertilizer. Light cannot penetrate through the layer of hulls and that stops the spread of weeds.


Buckwheat hulls mulch can be used in:

  • lower beds, rock-gardens, and flowerpots;
  • Kitchen-gardens;
  • Greenhouses;
  • Cemetery.

Buckwheat hulls are very light, therefore, after mulching it is recommended to water. Otherwise, they can be dispersed by wind. Buckwheat mulch is spread on the soil in 5-7 centimetres’ layer.

If you want to ease heavy loam, you can also use buckwheat hulls. Spread them on the surface of the soil in 10 centimetres layer and later you should redig the soil.

If you are interested in this product or you have questions, contact us via the indicated contacts. BIORINA buckwheat hulls are available in various quantities.