Flakes are true, natural and healthy food

Everybody knows that breakfasts are the main dish of the day and healthy and well-balanced breakfasts are the source of energy for the rest of the day.

Flakes are light and perfectly digestible dish. According to the nutritionists and sports coaches, they are perfect for physically active persons. Some of them make porridges, others pour water or juice on buckwheat and leave it overnight and in the morning they have healthy breakfasts and save time. Flakes can be flavoured with natural yoghurt, fresh or dried fruits, seeds, and nuts. Flakes can be eaten not only for breakfasts!


Flakes. What are they?

Today there is a huge variety of flakes. At shops, you can find oat, wheat, barley, and even rye flakes. However, has anyone wondered what are flakes? How they are made?

By making flakes the best nutritional properties of grain (oat, barley, wheat, rye) are used. Firstly, a hard seed-coat that could make damage to the digestive tract is removed from the grain. Then grain is processed with steam to soften and later they are crushed with rollers. In such a way prepared flakes become a beneficial product for health.

Flakes are full of important minerals and vitamins for people: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, chromium, cobalt, iron, fluorine, iodine, vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B6, P.

For example, oat flakes flavoured with fruits, seeds, and honey is a must recipe for the beauty of every woman. Thanks to it your skin will stay firm and smooth, the hair will be healthy and shiny and nails will be strong. Also, if you dream of fine body lines but you want to lose weight as easily as possible more oat flakes should be included in your menu. In such a way you will not only reduce your size but also it would make you feel better. One portion of oat flakes porridge contains almost all necessary nutrients: carbohydrates, B group vitamins, fibre and mineral substances (iron, phosphorus, selenium, calcium).

Barley flakes are also very valuable because they contain a lot of fibre that helps to fix the digestive system. These flakes are the source of practically all B group vitamins as well as vitamins A, D, E, PP. Also, they contain a lot of enzymes and mineral substances – calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, phosphorus, iodine, copper, bromine, cobalt, chromium, strontium, magnesium and molybdenum.

Wheat flakes are enriched with various vitamins, antioxidants and mineral substances – potassium, phosphorus, magnesium while rye flakes contain a lot of magnesium, potassium, iron, fluorine, silicic acid and vitamins B and E.


Flakes or groats?

Both flakes and groats are beneficial for our organism. So everyone can choose what to like more. Maybe flakes are a more popular choice because it’s easier to prepare them. Some groats should be cooked very long but in the morning we are rushing to work so our time is limited. You can cook flakes more faster. Especially if you buy BIORINA brand flakes.


BIORINA suggest the following oat flakes:

  • Very small. You can eat scalded flakes;
  • Small that should be cooked for 1-3 minutes;
  • Usual the so-called “old-fashioned oats” that should be cooked about 10 minutes.

So when you wake up in the morning and have doubts about what to eat – groats or flakes? We vote for flakes. For BIORINA flakes.

BIORINA pays special attention to the quality of the production that it makes. We want that a consumer would buy only quality products, therefore, we closely observe how the products from the fields get on your table. The company grows raw materials using only organic fertilizers while making products green energy is used. The production is performed in one of the most modern factories across the Baltic States where we implement the most innovative technologies. Therefore, flakes and other BIORINA products that will be on your table are healthy and natural without any chemical additives.

If you wonder how much do BIORINA flakes cost and in what packages are they sold, we ensure you that our products are not more expensive than the same products of other brands that you can find in shops. Usually, flakes are sold in 400 grams’ packages.

Also, we sell our products by wholesale, therefore, if 400 grams’ packages are too small, you can buy our flakes or other products in bigger packages.

20 years’ experience of export into foreign countries allowed us to understand that BIORINA production is liked not only in Lithuania but also all over the world. People from Japan, China, S. Korea, Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, England, Greece), Scandinavian countries, Australia, N. Zealand, USA, Canada, Latvia, Estonia, Israel eat our flakes for breakfasts. So why don’t you try our healthy BIORINA flakes?