Buckwheat is an appreciated food product all over the world

Probably wild buckwheat (originated from South Siberia; currently growing in Kazakhstan and China) did not suspect that their subcultured relatives will become so popular and valuable. The “nutritional career” of these plants began back in the Middle Ages and now they take a very important place in a healthy nutrition menu all over the world and there are no thoughts that they would retreat. You certainly should pay attention to Lithuanian BIORINA buckwheat for Lithuanian price just because it is a local product. After all, it’s no secret that food grown in our country is the best for us.

Buckwheat is a special food product: they are still resistant to genetic modifications. If you want groats without pesticides, herbicides or nitrates on your table, do not hesitate and choose BIORINA buckwheat. These groats not only will give a feeling of fullness but also satisfy the taste receptors and enrich yours and your family nutrition with vitamins and microelements (buckwheat contains three times more vitamins and microelements than other groats).

As you see even though the price of buckwheat does not significantly exceed the price of other groats but their contribution to our health is incomparably greater. Did you know that amino acids found in buckwheat are close to those that are found in meat? If you eat little meat or you’re a vegetarian, you have to include buckwheat in your nutrition. Also, people who do not tolerate gluten should pay attention to buckwheat and its products.


Is it possible to “improve” buckwheat more?

You have probably heard that everything grown with love and sincere care returns all of it multiple times. BIORINA buckwheat grows in a special place of Aukštaitija region where farmers who appreciate and love their land and its gifts take care of them. No fertilizers are needed for buckwheat. Later green energy is used in the process of production. Quality is always very important to us. After all, it’s not just some food; it’s ours, yours and your children’s health and well-being. Due to the focus on high quality and satisfaction of our clients at our factory, we have one of the most modern equipment in the Baltic States.

Maybe you think that the price of quality buckwheat can be higher than normal and you have doubts regarding your choice? Well, BIORINA products are for people who want to find in their plates not only food but also health and energy. That is why we put our strength and skills we have to preserve all of that in buckwheat groats.


Hulled (raw) or heat-treated buckwheat?

It’s not the first years when you can find not only heat-treated buckwheat what is usual to us but also you can find hulled (raw) buckwheat on shelves of stores. Sometimes people wonder why the price of raw buckwheat is often higher than heat-treated buckwheat. There’s nothing strange about it. The nutritional value of raw buckwheat is higher than roasted buckwheat and these groats have to be prepared properly that you could safely use them for eating. Also, they are more friable; a part of them crumble in the process of production.

The price of raw buckwheat is entirely justifiable when we learn about their benefits for our health. These groats are universal and not affected by any fertilizers; you can cook them or eat raw. Also, you can germinate them (the taste and smell of germinated buckwheat remind of earthnuts). BIORINA buckwheat groats that are not heat-treated are lighter than roasted ones and their taste is softer and sweeter. You can make of them not only porridges but also various raw dishes (desserts as well). There are more free bioactive compounds that have a stronger antioxidant effect in raw buckwheat.

Of course, heat-treated buckwheat is not a bad choice at all. It contains a greater amount of quercetin. It is a green pigment that is even 400 times stronger than vitamin E and it is very important for your immune system.

If the price of BIORINA buckwheat still scares you off, just think what impact could they have on your figure. These groats remain in the stomach for a quite long time and ensure that you’ll feel full. They are very nutritious, however, they contain a minimum amount of fat and sugar. It’s a perfect choice for a person who invests in his/her looks and health. If you have children, be sure that buckwheat or their products would be included in their menu.


Lithuanian BIORINA buckwheat is not only for porridge

If you don’t like porridges, you still cannot say no to buckwheat and its good properties. This product is universal and can be used in many ways, speaking about food products. Currently, you can buy not only buckwheat but also buckwheat flour, flakes, pasta. You can make buckwheat cutlets, pancakes or make cookies of them as well as buckwheat bread while green buckwheat is for healthy cocktails to make.