Buckwheat hulls mulch 50l

It is worth to mulch the spaces between plants that you wouldn’t need to weed them so often. In such a way you will protect not only yourselves from additional troubles but also the soil will be improved. Buckwheat hulls on the surface of the soil gradually decompose and become a natural fertilizer. Light cannot penetrate through the layer of hulls and that stops the spread of weeds.

The use of buckwheat hulls mulch:

  • Suitable for mulching perennials, vegetables, roses;
  • For decorating flower gardens, graves;
  • For storage of bulbs, root vegetables during the winter season;
  • For maintenance of soil moisture;
  • For the protection of plant roots against temperature fluctuations;
  • It creates unfavorable conditions for weeds to grow by not allowing the light to penetrate;
  • It does not acidify the soil;
  • No covering is required under mulch.

Buckwheat hulls are very light, therefore, after mulching it is recommended to water. Otherwise, they can be dispersed by wind. Buckwheat mulch is spread on the soil in 5-7 centimetres’ layer.

If you want to ease heavy loam, you can also use buckwheat hulls. Spread them on the surface of the soil in 10 centimetres layer and later you should redig the soil.