Buckwheat pasta “Penne”, 250 g

Healthy pasta in your plate

Do you like pasta? After all, it’s an easily prepared dish that fits with meat, vegetables or you can eat it alone. You can think of many recipes with pasta and adapt them to various tastes.

If you wonder what would be a healthier replacement for usual pasta, how vary the family’s ration or you just look for new, untried tastes, you definitely should pay attention to BIORINA buckwheat flour pasta.

If your children refuse to eat buckwheat, buckwheat pasta should interest them. Usually, for children, it is very fun to eat such pasta.

The benefit of buckwheat pasta for health is similar to the benefit of buckwheat that is distinguished by their nutritiousness among other groats. It contains a lot of vitamins B1 and B2 that are an excellent reinforcement for our nervous system, potassium that is needed for optimal blood pressure, calcium that helps for bones, teeth, and nails to be strong, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, iron. The important thing is that buckwheat is grown without using any chemical substances (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.). So if you want healthy pasta on your plate, do not doubt and choose buckwheat pasta.