Tasty buckwheat cutlets with onions and carrots

Buckwheat porridge is a healthy, tasty and nutritious choice. Also, buckwheat is a perfect garnish with meat or fish dishes.

However, eventually cooked buckwheat can become boring food. So if you like buckwheat groats but you lack the ideas what to make of them, you should definitely look for ideas online. There are many wonderful recipes and suggestions about what delicious dishes can be made of your favourite groats. In order to break the ice, we suggest you to make buckwheat cutlets that your family will love.


200 grams of buckwheat;

One onion;

One medium-sized carrot;

Two eggs;

Six tablespoons of starch;

A pinch of salt;

A little pepper;

Some of your favourite spices;

A splash of oil for cooking.


1Cook buckwheat, then mash them with potato grater or mince with mincer. Chop the onion into small pieces and fry it. When onion turns yellow put grated carrots into the frying pan. Fry everything for a few more minutes. When vegetables will soften, put everything into a bowl, put minced buckwheat, pour whipped up eggs and mix everything. Put salt, peppers, and spices you like. Then add starch and again mix the produced mass.

2Heat oil in the frying pan put a large spoon of mass and form a cutlet using the spoon. Fry them on both sides until crisp. Also, you can add cheese into cutlets or serve them with home-made sauce or vegetables. Enjoy!

3You will make these cutlets within 30 minutes but their taste will remind gourmet dishes. So tuck up your shirt sleeves and surprise your family by making these delicious cutlets of BIORINA buckwheat.