A memory from childhood: pearl barley soup.

By hearing the name of “cucumber soup” probably there is more than one person that thinks about the time when they used to go to kindergarten or school and at that time this pearl barley soup was especially popular.

Even if you didn’t like this soup so much BIORINA still suggests you make this fine, delicious and nutritious pearl barley soup that will change your mind forever.


A splash of oil;

1 little onion (chopped);

2 cloves of garlic (chopped);

1 big carrot (cut into cubes);

1/4 root of celery (cut into cubes);

1/2 glass of pearl barley (soaked during night);

2 potatoes (cut into cubes);

1,5 litre of broth or water;

2 laurel leaves;

Pickled cucumbers by your own choice (chopped or grated);

A pinch of salt, black pepper.


The process of how to make the soup is very simple:

1First, heat oil in a large pot and fry onions. When they will soften and be crispy, add garlic and after 30 seconds – carrots and celeries. While frying constantly stir it until vegetables will be caramelized. Then add soaked and dried pearl barley and fry it for several minutes and do not forget to stir it. Add chopped potatoes and fry for one more minute. Pour broth (you can make it in advance but if you do not have it, use water) on fried vegetables and pearl barley, add laurel leaves, put salt and cook it. While cooking the pot should be covered; cook on slow fire until pearl barley and vegetables will soften.

2Chopped pickled cucumbers are added only at the end of making soup. Cooke it about 2-3 minutes, taste it. If there is a lack of salt, add it. If you like a sour soup, you can pour a splash of pickled cucumbers liquid. Season it with black peppers. Serve it with sour cream.


It doesn’t matter how many calories contain pearl barley soup because it certainly will make you partial.